Terms and Conditions

Email correspondence: The information contained in e-mail messages and any attachments is confidential and may be the subject of legal, professional or other privilege. Correspondence is intended only for the named addressee(s) and may not be disclosed to anyone else without the consent of the sender. If you are not a named addressee then you must not retain, use, disclose, copy, print or rely on the contents of the e-correspondence and should delete all copies of it from your systems immediately.

We give no warranty that email messages are free of any virus or other harmful matter and we accept no responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from a recipient receiving, opening or using such correspondence.

When using the Contact Form, we ask you to provide us with your name and certain contact details. We will not sell or rent or give to any third party whatsoever any personally identifiable information about you. However, it is our policy to co-operate with law enforcement authorities and with parties trying to enforce their legal rights. Therefore, if a law enforcement official or such a third party asks us for information concerning you, we may be required to disclose that information if it is necessary or appropriate to do so ( for example as a result of a court order).

The Data Protection Acts 1998 and 2003 and Statutory Instrument No. 336/2011 apply.